Into the Darkness

Welcome to the Songs of the Gods Campaign! This is a website dedicated to the adventures of a likeable group of five would-be heroes as they explore a slightly altered world in the Dungeons & Dragons Universe. The ruleset is a very mildly house-ruled version of 4th Edition D&D. With few exceptions, the characters, npc’s, races, and classes are run from the 1st and 2nd Players Handbook.

The campaign is run primarily in Story Teller fashion, with a session emphasis on skill challenges, tactical combat, and roleplaying. Our campaign is being played by a seasoned party of old-timers who enjoy a good romp through the wilds now and again. The group of PC’s are being played by an odd assortment of player types. We have a power-gamer, an action junky, a storyteller, an analyzer, and a young roleplayer. And yet, everyone gets along amazingly well and is quite tolerant of the differing styles! The campaign itself is a hybrid of a published Wizards of the Coast adventure & the dungeon master’s own long-standing story arc. If you are just visiting, we sincerely hope you enjoy our story!

A Very Brief Background

It is a time of troubles. In the heavens, the gods wage war upon each other to a virtual standoff. The mortal realm long ago being off-limits to the gods themselves, the powerful deities use their avatars to fight their battles and sing their songs. Our story begins in the mortal world, in an area known as the Elsir Vale, a thinly populated frontier surrounded by wildlands and located just to the east of the famous Nentir Vale. Elsir stretches almost 250 miles east to west, and about 70 miles north to south. Several small mountain ranges and dense forests form the vales’ borders. Approximately 200 years ago, the vale was overrun by the goblin and orc tribes of the wildlands, and only within the past 90 years has it begun to slowly rebuild. The scattered towns, villages, and settlements work independently to bring the land out of chaos, and restore order and control under numerous councils that rule the prominant population centers. Our characters have spent the past 10 to 20 years here, hailing from the four different communities that make up the Hammerfist Holds settlements to the south.

Danger is everywhere. The need of adventurers is stronger than ever. The gods themselves look for leaders and followers to help rebuild that which once was; and it is in this place and this time that our story unfolds.

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Songs of the Gods

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