Pelor's Ring of the Bull

A divine ring of charging


Pelor’s Ring of the Bull

Description: This bright ring is powered by a fusion of arcane and divine magics that will adjust the ring’s size to the wearer. The steel ring with gold inlays pictures a bull’s head with an inscription of “The Might of Pelor” engraved on the body.

Bonuses: The ring conveys charging bonuses to it’s wearer in combat.

  • +1 To Hit bonus to basic melee attacks after completing the standard action: Charge.
  • +1 Speed bonus to the charging character’s movement allowance on a charge.

Special: This ring will only grant it’s benefits to a follower in good standing of Pelor. The ring’s power has no limits to uses per day.

Current ring-bearer: Draco Burningstar


This intricately designed ring was crafted by Human artisens nearly 150 years ago. It was originally intended to be a gift to a noble lord and devout worshipper of Pelor. Last year, the ring was taken by force in a caravan sacking by a group of wererats. The ring had been in the possession of the wererat ‘Clyde’ – a member of the Ashen Covenant of Orcus, ever since.

Pelor's Ring of the Bull

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