Ioun's Ring of Minor Defense

A ring bestowing a small defense bonus


Ioun’s Ring of Minor Defense

Description: This dark ring is powered by a fusion of arcane and divine magics that will adjust the ring’s size to the wearer. The iron ring with steel inlays pictures a symbol of Ioun with an inscription of “Ioun Protects” engraved on the body.

Bonuses: The ring conveys a small defense bonus to it’s wearer in combat.

  • +1 bonus to armor class when the wearer is threatened or enters a combat state.
  • +1 bonus to History skill checks.

Special: This ring will only grant it’s benefits to a follower in good standing of Ioun. The ring’s power is a form of passive protection, and becomes active as soon as combat is initiated, regardless of whether or not the wearer is surprised; or any other time the ring-bearer is threatened. Ioun’s love for knowledge and history also grants the wearer a bonus to History checks.

Current ring-bearer: Nezethet


This simple ring was forged by the Dwarves of the Hammerfist Holds over 200 years ago for a wizard named Milan. After dying of natural causes, Milan’s apprentice took the ring and kept it as a memory piece of his former master. Recently, the ring was given to the Academy of Ioun in Brindol, and was used periodically by the academy high-guards when on patrol.

Ioun's Ring of Minor Defense

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