Songs of the Gods

The Main Characters

“Heroes you say? I will be sure to let you know when I find some.” -Rathim Roundtoes

Drako Burningstar is the linchpin of this merry band of brawlers. A Dragonborn Paladin of Pelor, this noble and protective warrior is learning the hard way the enormous responsibility on his shoulders as the frontline defender. Hatched from what the dragonkin call a ‘rare egg’, Drako is a bit unlike others of his race. He has the brownish red skin and strength of a member of the fire clan, the charisma and tactical mind of the acid clan, and the slender build and breath ability of the ice clan. In many ways, Drako is a hybrid within his own race; a quality he carries over to the battlefield with his desire to both protect, damage, and heal. His battleaxe and light shield are always close by. Away from battle, it is his remarkable diplomacy skills that set Drako apart from the rest of the group. (Drako is played by the Roleplayer)

Nezethet is easily the oddest and most unlikely member of the party. A Githyanki Avenger of Ioun, this tall and lanky zealot is quickly discovering the tactical challenges of being a frontline striker as an isolating avenger. Born in the Astral Plane, Nezethet was the unfortunate victim of a vile sorcerer’s plan gone wrong. Brought to the mortal realm with his memories stripped and his summoner dead, the githyanki scholar had to learn quickly how to make his way in his new home. Taken in by the Church of Ioun in the settlement of Ander, Nezethet has spent the past 10 years learning to harness his new god’s powers to make him a master striker. Off the battlefield, he uses his exceptional intelligence and wisdom to gather infomation; a highly useful skill to the party. (Nezethet is played by the Action Junky)

Kelwrath Silverhand is the calculating, practical member of this crew. A Human Invoker of Erathis, this old veteran of many an encounter is learning how to deal with his immense power and nearly endless tactical options to best serve his friends. Born in the dwarven settlement of Boulder, Kelwrath’s innate abilities were quickly discovered and reported to the Temple of Erathis. After years of study and countless hours of testing, the young human was selected by the church to be the mind behind all town defense operations. A supremely gifted tactician, Kelwrath uses his deity-given abilities to control the battlefield from the back lines. His uncanny intuition and perception serve the group off the battlefield in much the same way; granting the ability to make smart & advised decisions. (Kelwrath is played by the Power Gamer)

Siobaan Vael is the group’s youngest, most daring, least talkative member. An Elven rogue acrobat, this lithe, stealthy girl is finding that having a dependable group of associates is nothing short of remarkable. Siobaan is an extremely quick, agile combatant who prefers to keep her distance with enemies afoot, using her unmatched abilities with throwing knives to dispatch her foes. She is the only member of the party that can not communicate using the spoken word, as the young elf maiden does not have the ability to speak any language but her native tongue. Out of combat, her thieving, stealth, athletic, and acrobatic abilities make her a valuable asset whenever a sticky situation presents itself. Of all the party members, she seems especially fond of the taciturn Dwarf. (Siobaan is played by the Storyteller)

Vurdin Ironfist is the party’s unofficial leader and consumate thinker. A Dwarven Cleric of Moradin, Vurdin’s faith and undying loyalty to his god are inspiring. Unlike many dwarves, his cool head under pressure is exactly what the companions need. Vurdin sees himself as Moradin’s enforcer in the Vale, and is not afraid to make it known to anyone that will listen. His sometimes stubborn ways of thinking, along with his propensity for the over-consumption of dwarven ale, make an obstinate dwarf the likes of which are difficult to describe. He also has the natural charisma of a doorknob. On the battlefield, the dwarf is a virtual weapons cache. He carries his trusty warhammer and shield, a set of javelins on his back, and a ‘walking stick’ which is actually a dwarven long spear. Off the battlefield, the young dwarf is the unmmatched master of dungeoneering and healing. (Vurdin is played by the Analyzer)



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