Songs of the Gods

The Calling

"The Adventure Begins"

A letter was sent out to four members of the villiages of the Hammerfist Holds along the southern border of the Elsir Vale. The letter was brief, and discussed the potential relationship between the Elders and party of adventurers they were trying to gather. These four individuals, all respected members and defenders of their respective communities, all answered the call.

On a cool night in the autumn months of the cycle, Drako the Paladin, Flint the Cleric, Nezethet the Avenger, and Rockjaw the Invoker, met with an Elder by the name of Jaseel in her small home outside the settlement of Dauth. It was here that Jaseel laid out the reason for the meeting, and the need of the Elders (the self-proclaimed protectors of the Vale) to have a team of operatives travel to the fast-growing town of Brindol to the north. Jaseel explained to the party that the town had been under Hobgoblin raids for the past several weeks, and the ruling council of Brindol was not confident in their own militia to handle the threat. A young and free thinking member of the Council named Eofram Troyas had contacted Jaseel to see if the Elders would have a way of assisting the ill-equipped town in its defenses. The Elders responded by tasking Jaseel to organize a new group of operatives that were accustomed to this type of town defense, and task them with the training of Brindol’s militia to be able to defend themselves.

After an uneventful night of travel, the group entered Brindol and awaited a meeting with Councilman Troyas at the Antler & Thistle Inn. As luck would have it, the adventurers arrived only an hour before the next hobgoblin raid was to occur. As goblins, hobgoblins, and two giant ogres crashed through the town, the citizens of Brindol fled into their homes, watching the torchings and destruction of the raiders from helpless positions within various buildings. The Town Guard, although greatly outnumbering their attackers, showed why they so badly needed the training the adventurers were there to provide.

At the end of the night, the four would-be heroes were instrumental in protecting the inn from a sure raising, as the raiders descended upon the more prominant buildings of Brindol. As the last of the enemies were dispatched at the inn, the town guard entered and helped the citizens put out fires that had spread throughout the block. Their first night in Brindol had proved to be an omen for bad tidings to come.



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